"You know what…?"

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Walking hand-in-hand with my not-quite-two-year-old grandson on a sunny spring morning, I remembered the many walks my mom took with my own young son. Each morning, Mom invited Steve for a walk to the corner market to pick up a few supplies for the day, though I think her real purpose was to have her little grandson all to herself for a thirty-minute daily adventure. Holding his hand {that barely stretched from one side of her palm to the other}, they unhurriedly headed down the gravel sidewalk, searching for roly-polies and pretty rocks. I loved hearing their stories when they returned. Mom told me one of her favorite things to do as they walked was to remind Steve how much she loved him.

“You know what?” she asked with a singsong lilt.
“What, Gramma?”
“I love you.”

One morning she asked her daily question, but Steve’s response changed. “I know what. You love me.”
 “But do you know how much I love you?”
“How much?” Steve was eager to learn just how much his gramma—who he adored—loved him.

She stopped, squatted to his eye level, and with her hand that wasn’t holding his, she pressed pinkie to thumb. “I love you thiiiissss” {pulling “this” into an eight second syllable as she stretched her pinkie and thumb as far from each other as possible} “much!”

With wide blue eyes, my little son thought “thiiiissss” was about as much love as anyone could possibly hold.  

Remembering the sweet tradition my mom kept with my son, I knew that Zeke was still too young to understand my question, but I just had to ask….

“You know what, Zeke?” …..

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