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I have written a book chronicling my journey through grief after losing my thirty-one year old son to diabetes. I have been told, and I believe, that the hardest part of this venture is yet to come. To help me navigate these (for me) uncharted waters I will be attending this coming weekend’s Southern California Writer’s Conference in San Diego. There I hope to find direction as I try to figure out the next step in getting the book published.

My goal for this book is to help someone through the grieving process as the difficult questions come up. Questions like…will I ever laugh again…is it normal to feel in the pit one day, fine the next, and then back in the pit again later that afternoon…, and more. I am hoping that reading about my journey will help others on theirs and to let them know that there is sunshine on the other side of this new normal. It won’t ever be the same but it can be good again. And, yes. you can laugh again and be truely happy.

My list of credentials is short. I am not a health care professional. I have taken no Learning Annex classes. I haven’t even gone to Grief Support Groups. Yet. I’m just a mom that has been there and I have learned a few things on the way to help the transition.

Grief is a journey. And you can get through it.

Peace be with you,


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