Paper Towels

// February 11th, 2010 // Uncategorized

I don’t use paper towels very often any more. In fact I have gone from using a roll of the heavy duty Kirkland towels a week to about a roll a month. Of those I probably use less than 25%. My family still prefers them to the cloth towels and napkins I use now. But I keep them in the house “just in case”.
Tonight a perfect just in case presented itself. As I looked under my kitchen sink to grab the dishwasher detergent I saw a thick amber color oozing its way under my sundry cleaning potions I store there. My first thought was “What in the world….” On closer inspection I saw that the fluid was draining from the cracked gallon plastic bottle of Dial Hand Soap. My second thought was… “Can this wait till tomorrow?!?” No. It surely can’t wait till tomorrow. This falls under the “a stitch in time saves nine” category. No matter how tired I am. Third thought? “Thank you Lord that I haven’t gone completely ‘green’ yet and I have a roll of paper towels just an arm’s reach away! Eight paper towels later the mess was gone and the towels were in the trash. Nothing to rinse out, nothing to over-suds my washing machine.
I am all for reducing my consumption of consumables, but tonight I am very grateful for paper towels!

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