November 23, 2006

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All that stress and worry before Thanksgiving was for nothing. The day took care of itself—beautifully! We did our usual big cooking day yesterday. Whole wheat rolls, fudge, pies, and of course we sautéed the celery and onions for the stuffing. All of those aromas lingered in the house until the turkey pushed them through the doors and windows as his own guess-what-day-it-is fragrance greeted everyone even before they got to the door. Well, everyone wasn’t quite everyone, but that’s OK. All who came to share the day had a great time. Dad brought Mom. I think the drive from Lakewood wore her out. She was pretty tired and spent some time dozing in the recliner before the others started arriving. She did perk up when the great-grandkids got here. I think she enjoyed the special attention. Kirstie and Kyle doted on her and got her whatever she asked for; a blanket, a snack. Ethan ran around the house just being his vivacious two year old self when he wasn’t visiting her. I think she was surprised when she saw Nic here. Mom has always seemed to have a special connection with each of her grand- and great-grandkids. She used to tell Steve, from the time he was her only grandchild, “You’re my #1.” It appears that seeing Nic reminds her of those times. When Steve was two to four years old we lived with my parents a few times whenever I was between apartments. Mom and Dad helped me out quite a bit and spent a lot of time with Steve. Mom and Steve used to take walks to the corner store a few times a week. As they would walk along the unpaved sidewalk, Mom would say, “You know what?” “What?” Steve would ask. “I love you” would always be her reply. After awhile he would anticipate her question. His reply became, “Yea, I know. You love me.” so she added, “Do you know how much I love you?” “How much, Grandma?” She would touch her pinkie finger to her thumb and as she would slowly stretch out the word, “This……” would stretch out her fingers as far apart as possible ending with, “…much!” He was a fast learner and soon turned the tables on her, asking the big question of her and perfectly repeating the answer. Today as she reclined in the chair, unable to take a walk, her face reflected the touch of an autumn breeze from long ago as it brushed her memory and she pulled Nic close and told him, “You know, your daddy was always my #1” .
Amy and Jeremy were able to come for awhile before dinner. Aim took lots of pictures. My favorite has to be the one she took of the plate Kirstie made for my mom. Mom was hungry before dinner and asked Kirstie for a piece of fudge with nuts, a buttered roll, and a pickle. That almost took my appetite away! I guess it took Mom’s away, too. She never did eat any of it.
Mom and Dad left soon after diner so she could get into her own bed and get some rest after such a big day. Thanksgiving has always been Mom’s favorite day. Even though she was kind of out of it for much of the day, I know she enjoyed being with her family. It makes me sad to see her like this. All her life she’s been such a vibrant, independent woman. Now, like Steve in his last months, she has to depend on others for her every move. I am however thankful for her continued presence in my life.

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