May 6, 2006 ~

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 Three days ago my back seized up in a massive spasm. The pain was like an iron hand clutching my muscles, holding me in place. After calling Kaiser to make me an Urgent Care appointment Dave pulled me into a standing position and patiently supported me as I took baby steps to the car.
 By the luck of the draw I was assigned an Osteopath. As he adjusted my back, the doctor asked,
 “Have you been under any unusual stress lately?”
Dave and I chuckled.
“I’ll take that as a yes.”
“Our family’s been going through some tough times.” I said with a little explanation.
“If you don’t figure out a way to relax this is going to happen again and again” the doctor warned me.
He gave me an injection for the pain, to be followed by a week of muscle relaxants and a strong suggestion to take the week off. Thanks to the muscle relaxants the spasm is almost gone.
This week I keep bouncing between feeling “all is well in my world” and feeling depressed, near tears, and like I’m facing the end of life as know it. If I would just stick with the things that fuel me (prayer, bible study, meditation, exercise and stay off the sugar) it will go a long way in relieving this stress but it’s so hard to get back on track and stick with it!

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