March 20, 2004

// June 15th, 2010 // From the forthcoming book "Losing Steve: One Mother's Journey Through Grief"

Jae walked in from the grocery store today with a sad but sweet smile on her face. She set her bag on the dining room table and told me “Stay right there…”. Reaching into the bag she pulled something small out and, cupping it in her two hands, held them in front of me. Slowly she opened her hands to reveal a Cadbury egg. It was such a sweet gesture that brought tears to both of us.

From the time he was in his early twenties right up to the spring before he died, Steve would bring me a Cadbury egg the first time he would see them in the store. He knew how much I enjoyed them and even if I was on a diet at the time, I would accept the treat.
Today Jae saw them at the Vons checkout and remembered her brother. She decided to buy one for me and carry on the tradition in Steve’s memory.
What a strange feeling it was for me. I was so very touched by her gesture of remembrance and as tears gathered in my eyes I was thankful for her thoughtfulness. She picked up the baton her big brother had to drop.

It’s just a piece of candy, but it’s also a moment of moving forward for both of us.

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