June 19, 2004

// July 9th, 2010 // From the forthcoming book "Losing Steve: One Mother's Journey Through Grief"

As of this afternoon, Nick and Marisa are married!
The day started ominously, clouds and drizzle. There was much debate as to whether or not to get a frame-tent to cover the seating area in Marisa’s parents’ back yard. Marisa’s dad, Jose, made the final call and ordered the cover. It arrived and was set up in less than an hour, just before the clouds parted and the sun decided to shine on our festivities! It was a good choice after all, to shade those who were seated from the modest sunshine.

Just before her walk down the aisle that had been prepared by her brothers in the beautiful back yard, I stole a moment to tell her there was only one thing that would make me happier….Steve here to stand by Nick’s side.

Nick and Marisa were joined at the simple altar by their best friends, Jodey ~ Marisa’s best friend since second grade and Dameion ~ Nick’s best friend who has helped Nick in so many ways since Steve died. Dameion knew that he was holding a very special spot for Steve and I believe he was honored to hold it.

My pastor Mark was so full of joy to hold this service for our family. It is another link in the chain that helps to turn our sorrow to joy.

A few of us tried to give Steve a presence at the wedding. I wore his favorite color, purple, and kept a picture of him tucked close to my heart. In his breast pocket Nick put three special pictures; one of him and Steve taken when they were young, one of Steve at Amy and Jeremy’s wedding, and of course a picture of them at the desert.
After the ceremony I didn’t even welcome Marisa to the family; she’s already been a part of us for so long!

I know that we were all thinking of Steve today but we enjoyed a perfect day, late into the night! It was a relief to be able carry him with us and not be weighed down by his absence.

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