July 7, 2004

// July 16th, 2010 // From the forthcoming book "Losing Steve: One Mother's Journey Through Grief"

Tomorrow marks our 27th anniversary, and one year ago that the course of our future took a sharp turn. The day Dr Lilly crooked his finger at me telling me to follow him to a private place, where he told me that Steve wouldn’t be walking out of the hospital.

Dave, the kids and I have been talking about an appropriate way to honor Steve on the first anniversary of his passing. We tossed around a few ideas…a donation in his name to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, have a plaque made to place somewhere here on our property, plant a tree….but we came to the conclusion that there is only one way to do this. On Friday night, the actual anniversary, we will have a family dinner and make enchiladas. Every year I would ask him what he wanted for his Birthday Dinner. He wouldn’t even hesitate before declaring “ENCHILADAS!” So we will serve them in his honor on his un-birthday.

We also decided that since Steve was all about family, friends and food a good and proper way to celebrate his life will be to have a party in his memory! On the 24th we will have a pot luck here and make it as festive as possible.

Coincidentally, planning a party will help keep our minds occupied in a more positive way.

As the day draws ever nearer, I have a growing anxiety settling in my chest.

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