July 21, 2003

// February 24th, 2010 // Mother's Grief

Amy came over today to hang out with Steve while I took Dave’s Aunt AdaD to the doctor’s. It was just a routine visit but I felt I really needed to get her to the appointment rather than reschedule. She doesn’t understand what’s happening here. I’ve told her that Steve is dying but she doesn’t quite get it. She’s the one that’s eighty years old. She’s the one that’s ready to go. How can Steve be going ahead of her? Besides, she can get very bent out of shape when I make changes in her schedule.

I was only gone a couple of hours and when I got back Steve and Amy were sitting out on the front porch at the picnic table, chatting and wearing smiles. When I joined them, I told Steve I thought he should come in since it was getting so hot out, and then turned to say something to Amy. She appeared to be stifling a laugh. I turned back to see Steve mocking me in fun. No way was he going to go indoors! He has always been an out-of-doors person. Why should I think he’d want to change now?

Looking back on the day, I am so glad I decided to take AdaD to her appointment. I may have lost a few precious minutes with my son, but Amy and Steve gained precious time together. Who knows how many more opportunities they will have for one on one brother and sister time?

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