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Nick and Marisa welcomed a second son today. Owen David Haas has joined our family! He’s having a little trouble keeping his blood sugar level (this is common for babies whose mothers are on insulin) so he is in the NICU. At nearly eleven pounds he’s about three times the size of most of the babies in there, but he needs the help as much as the others do. He’s a very pleasant little fellow. I’m so thankful that I can just enjoy the family event this time without all of the sorrow I experienced when Ethan was born. Although Owen is only the second baby to join the family since Steve died it’s so easy this time to simply bask in the joy of this new little wonder. Maybe it’s because we’re further removed from the early pain of Steve’s absence. Maybe it’s because of all I’ve learned to help me overcome that pain. I’m just so thankful to be completely happy this time!

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