January 28, 2004

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Last night Dave and I were actually able to sit alone in the living room for a quiet chat. No TV blaring, no kids running in and out. So unusual. There’s always so much merry comotion around here.
As we talked I was suddenly struck with strongest urge to get up and look for Steve. I could clearly feel his presence in the next room. It was about 8:30, the time Steve used to start setting up his dialysis exchanger each night. I could almost hear him removing the bags of dextrose solution from their shipping boxes and slapping them into place as he set up his machine for the night’s session of cleansing. I could faintly hear him clear his throat and turn to shuffle out of the room to join us as he would often do before attaching the hoses to the tubs that hung from his belly.
If Dave and I hadn’t been engaged in conversation, I’m sure I would have gotten up and searched every room and closet in the house for him even though I knew I wouldn’t find him. A very strange feeling.

His spirit still permeates our home.

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If you want to learn more about dialysis here’s a link:


I was going to cut and paste it here but it just didn’t seem right, and the length can be intimidating.
It’s interesting stuff, though. Gives an idea of what one faces when the kidneys fail.
I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating ~ If you know anyone with diabetes, please discourage them from drinking cola type beverages, even diet. These drinks are high in phosphoric acid which wreak havoc on the kidneys (not to mention leaching calcium from the bones).

A related link:

When Steve was 18 he went in for a complete physical. After 15 years of diabetes, he was in PERFECT health, even his kidneys had zero damage. Until that time he had been a big water drinker, nearly a gallon a day. Around the time he turned 20, he started drinking 3 Diet Pepsi Big Slams a day (1 litre each) and drastically cut his water consumption. I think he did this for 3 to 4 years. At 28, his kidneys failed.
I’m not making medical reccomendations ~ just making observations….

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