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I recently read in a book by Bob Yehling ~ solitude is the necessary companion for writing. I’m sure I’ve read that before but…. I had no idea! I have been trying for the past four and a half months to keep up on my blog and work on my manuscript while hosting a family of four in our home. I started thinking I just wasn’t meant to be a writer because I couldn’t concentrate on my words through the frequent interruptions ~ kids squabbling and running through the house, adults carrying on conversations in the next room, someone hovering at my doorway “waiting till you have a minute so I can talk to you”. OY!

So I pretty much gave up on consistency until they found another place to stay.

That time has come!

My deadline for finishing the current draft of Losing Steve: One Mother’s Journey through Grief has passed…..and I am neither finished nor dead! So now I am working on both projects (Blog and manuscript) full time as my poor, uncomplaining, and uber supportive husband wastes away from neglect. Thank goodness he has his “Mafia Wars” to keep him company!
That said, it’s been two weeks since our house guests left and I am finally finding my groove again. I didn’t realize it would take time to adjust back to my normal life! It feels good to enjoy my quiet house during the day as I work on projects, get our space back in order, and then to welcome my husband home in the evenings without others vying for his attention.

So it’s back to work for me. The Writers’ Conference is coming up in three and a half weeks. I’m hoping to be finished with this draft by then…..

Peace be with you,

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