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From 2010
Let’s leave the past behind today and focus on our future, that grew even bigger yesterday!
Zeke makes ten grandchildren for Dave and me. In the same way that I carry some of my grandma with me even today, I feel our influence reaching far into the future with these little ones and the ones that haven’t come along yet. A sobering thought!
Nick and Amy (and Jae and Robyn will) have children that will not meet their Uncle Steve in this world. They will have to wait for the next life to throw their arms around him. But they will not be throwing their arms around a stranger. They will grow up hearing about him ~ his love and zest for life, his generosity, his laughter, and his place in our family. Ethan (the first to join the family after Steve’s death) says “Yeah, I know Uncle Steve. He’s Daddy’s brother that died. He and my dad were best friends!”
So ~ Here’s to the bright future that stretches wide and far before us!
God bless you all and….
Peace be with you!

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