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Hi All!
I’ve been spending several hours a day working on the book. It has been an unexpectedly satisfying experience changing it from a journal format into a memoir. I tried to fight my editor, Bob Yehling, on the idea because I was so certain that it began as a journal it simply had to stay a journal! But after talking to my husband, Dave, I began to catch Bob’s vision. The new format allows me to add so much that was missing from my journals and kept Steve and our family hidden among the missing details. So, I have a whole lot of work to do before we are anywhere near offering the manuscript to an agent.
That said, I plan to cut back to twice a week postings for the blog. After today, I’ll post on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Thanks everyone for sticking with me on this. I know it’s not always easy reading, but it does have a “Happy Ending” and I truly do appreciate your support and you many kind words!

Peace Be With You

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