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A Baker’s-Dozen Uses for Laundry Baskets

// April 3rd, 2013 // No Comments » // musings

Do you own a laundry basket….or  twelve? No home should be without these versatile tools. I use them for so many tasks. You can:

1…put them on the furniture to keep the dogs off (doesn’t work for the cat, though!)

2…put a basket in the back of the car to keep the clutter contained

3 …carry foods and supplies to a potluck

4…fill one up with the accumulated odds and ends from the coffee and end tables before company arrives {hide the basket in your room}

5…as a wedding shower gift you can fill one with ~ a bottle of (unscented) detergent, clothes pins, bathroom cleaning supplies, a plunger, dryer balls, white vinegar, and…..

6…a living room toy box

Kids can:

7…build forts {just add blankets}

8…turn upside down to use as a toddler desk for drawing or building with Lego’s or blocks

9…a small child can crawl into the overturned basket to become a captured wild animal {this one gives their claustrophobic grandma the willies}

10…stand one on its narrow end, place a pillow or folded blanket inside, and use as a TV chair

11…they make great boats and trains—powered by energy efficient grown-up pushers

12…as a makeshift newborn bed at Grandma’s house…use lots of padding and cover the sides

13…they’re even great for carrying clothes to and from the washer and dryer!


Still looking forward…

// September 8th, 2011 // No Comments » // aging, musings

Getting older is weird. As we barrel through our 20s and 30s we know that it’s going to happen, but later. Much…much later. For the time being there’s so much to do {getting our careers on track, concentrating on our growing families, finishing an education} and we are perfectly distracted from the inevitable.
Then a certain zero birthday comes, or the youngest graduates high school, or maybe it’s that un-namable ache deep in your joints and you realize that the image in the bathroom mirror betrays the one you see behind closed eyes. When I hit my 50s my Grandma Toll’s words came back to me. “When I close my eyes, I’m the same girl I was at 21.” I loved my grandma and greatly respected her wisdom and folksy advice, but I was 23 at the time and what she said just didn’t make sense to me. I naturally assumed that I would feel the passing years in my mind as much as in my body.
I recently turned 58 and I now know exactly what Grandma meant. I know that the juxtaposition of the face I see in the mirror and the face I “see” when I close my eyes is exactly what Grandma felt. I have carried with me into my “Golden Years” the mind and personality I carried at 21, yet it has been tempered by the years of learning, growing, compensating, observing, and compromise.
I am not a scholar. I am not a sage. I am Wife, Mom, and Grandma. During my nearly six decades I have made countless mistakes and learned a thing or two along the way about that life that I’d like to share.
My husband Dave and I raised five kids, and welcomed their spouses into the family. When we lost our oldest to diabetes at thirty-one, we spiritually adopted his widow as our daughter and now consider her husband our son-in-law. We have 13 grandchildren {so far} and have been blessed to be an active part of their lives.
And although I find that, as Captain Jean Luc Picard once said, “There are fewer days ahead than there are behind”, I find that I am
Still looking forward…