Can You Have it All?

// February 26th, 2013 // Uncategorized

It has to be hard being a mommy in this Pinterest generation. There are so many good ideas posted on the social network site that a gal can get overwhelmed seeing what everyone else is doing for their kids and homes and neighbors. And the pricey dresses and baubles that we see there. Oy! A mommy might have to get a second …or third… job so she can get some, too! And be like the other mommies who have it all.

Well, I’m here to tell you that having it all is a sham. We can’t do every activity, make dinner for every sick neighbor, call our mother every day, and still have time to carve a path through the toys in the living room and brush our teeth.

Relax! Whether you feel like it or not, you’re a good mom. Each of your kids is a perfect match for you as a guide through life. What your kids need from you is eye contact, affection, and to know that you’ll be back when you leave them. {That one they have to learn from experience.} They also need a mommy who respects herself as much as she respects them (and her husband.) So when you plan their play-dates, arrange them with like-minded, inspiring moms. You’ll see you’re not alone.

Sometimes you’re going to lose your cool. You’re even going to yell. Forgive yourself, apologize to the kids, and move on.

Have confidence in your mothering abilities and realize that no one does all of the great activities she posts on Pinterest. If she’s trying, then something is going undone…maybe her mind.

This ah-ha quote you’ve seen tells it all….Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes to other people’s highlight reel. (Pastor Steven Furtick)



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