Bringing Then into Now

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In 1971, I owned a set of Pyrex Cinderella mixing bowls in the wildly popular Friendship pattern. I don’t remember breaking them—surprising, considering how much I liked those bowls.  Some were with me as late as 1980. I know because in a photo taken during Nick’s fourth birthday party, the smallest of the set is poised on the end table. Probably, once full of dip, while the largest of the set served as the chip bowl.

I have pined for another set of these bowls. I can’t tell you why. {It’s a deep secret.} Ha! Not really. I am just drawn to the styles of the 70s—my oh-my-gosh-I’m-finnaly-a-grown-up-and-my-parents-can’t-tell-me-what-to-do-anymore-! decade. I set up housekeeping for the first time in 1971, had my first baby, and started forming my own little world as I advanced into the big wide world. Part of thinking about those times is remembering the designs on my towels (mod flowers), my favorite dish soap (lemon Joy, that really smelled like lemons), and the clothes I dressed my little boy in (t-shirts and corduroy overalls).

The Friendship pattern danced in my head as we ventured into the new century. I wanted some of those bowls, and they were nowhere to be found. At one garage sale, I was even {somewhat rudely} informed, “Oh, honey. You’re not going to find any of those! Those are highly collectible!” [I’d had no idea!]

I didn’t give up, but I also had no success…until Amy told me about a website. I looked that night and saw a partial set of the Cinderella bowls in a Wheat design. Not what I really wanted, but still worth it. Within a few days, those bowls were mine. The day after I found the Wheat, I saw a full set of my Friendship bowls. I was beside myself. It was a bidding site so they would go to the highest bidder. And they had a shipping charge, jacking the cost up considerably. I waited five days to learn whether or not the bowls were mine, of if they belonged to another. Surely, no one wanted them as badly as I did! And no one did. They were mine.

But I didn’t stop there. {Hey, I had to show that garage sale lady—who I’d never, ever see again—that she was wrong! Right?} Well, I won’t bore you further with the details, but suffice to say, my daughters were a worried about the number of vintage bowls and casserole dishes I was acquiring. But I soon hit my saturation level…sort of.

Here’s the thing. I don’t miss the 1970s, only parts of them. The funky styles and music, and the kitchen paraphernalia (even older utensils, but that’s another story…). And occasionally I enjoy bringing my then into my now. Like with my many bowls. I use them in my daily cooking, proudly take them to potlucks {although, no one has ever noticed their vintage charm}, and talk to my daughters about how to divide them when I’m gone. {Ha! Yes, really.}

So, I go ahead and enjoy the past without wallowing in it so much that I lose touch with today.

Life is good and I’m

…still looking forward.

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