August 3, 2004

// September 8th, 2010 // From the forthcoming book "Losing Steve: One Mother's Journey Through Grief"

Yesterday morning Marisa, Amy and Josh came over for one last visit before Nett and Chris had to go back home. Janiece and Robyn joined the women in the living room while Josh, Chris, and Nic spent their time in the back yard adding on to the “Clubhouse” in climbing the tree. The sounds of hammers pounding, nails dropping, and exclamations of “Not there!” and “Be careful!” filtered in from outside as my girls and I enjoyed each other’s company.

Our conversation bounced from recent events, to what a good visit we’ve had, to Marisa’s pregnancy and our growing family, to Nett telling us she wants, eventually, to move back to San Diego. In Tennessee their life revolves around work with a long commute each way and Chris in day care all day. On weekends she has to get all of her errands and home upkeep done. There isn’t much time left to spend with the family she has there. She also wants Chris to really know his dad’s side of the family, not just through birthday cards and phone calls.
I was so excited I was giddy inside. But I tried not to let it overflow. Nett has to do this in her own way, her own time, and within her own comfort zone. I already feel as though I’m pushing too hard for the move because I’ve told her more than once that she and Chris are welcome to live here with us “if” they ever do they move back.

Nicholas went with me when I took Nett and Chris to the airport this morning. A few minutes after we dropped them in front of their terminal she called to tell me they might miss their flight. I parked the van on Harbor Drive near the Maritime Museums and Nic and I walked along the water’s edge checking out the 1863 Star of India (the oldest active ship in the world) and the Berkely, until we got a call from Nett that they were boarding their plane.

Nett and Chris should be back home by now. I took Nic back home to Oceanside today.

The house is so quiet tonight.

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