August 18, 2004

// October 5th, 2010 // From the forthcoming book "Losing Steve: One Mother's Journey Through Grief"

Nett called today to ask if Splicer can live with us. This month she is being transferred to Las Vegas and will be moving in with her Dad and Marcy. They already have a dog and they have a new baby. Adding another dog into the mix will be hectic. They are also a bit concerned of the reputation that Pit Bulls have, even though they know that Splicer is a sweet natured dog. They also know she has a healthy protective streak. Annette doesn’t want to abandon her dog in Tennessee. Splicer started out as Steve’s dog and Nett feels like she’s taking care of her for him.

When Steve started spending the week working with Nick in the bay area he wanted to get a dog to leave at home to help protect Nett and their new little Christopher. Steve and his young family went to the local animal shelter. As soon as they saw the little black and white pit bull puppy romping up to the fence to see them, Steve knew this was his new dog. He has always had a fondness for pit bulls (even going as far as “rescuing” one from an acquaintance that had been abusing her). He named this new member of the family “Splicer” because he had just learned to splice cable as part of his job with his brother.

After spending the weekend with her in the condo, seeing that she barked at every knock or opening of the door, he left home for work the next week feeling better because the puppy was there. When he got home late the next Friday night, Splicer saw him as an intruder, hackles raised and ready to remove Steve’s leg, until he firmly stated her name and told her to shut up. Steve had no doubt then that they had made the right choice for the family’s protection.

After talking it over with Dave, and hearing Robyn’s plaintive pleas, I called Annette to tell her, yes, we would be happy to take care of Splicer for her ….and Steve.


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Splicer, and the laundry baskets we put on the sofa & chairs at night to keep her off!

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