A Baker’s-Dozen Uses for Laundry Baskets

// April 3rd, 2013 // musings

Do you own a laundry basket….or  twelve? No home should be without these versatile tools. I use them for so many tasks. You can:

1…put them on the furniture to keep the dogs off (doesn’t work for the cat, though!)

2…put a basket in the back of the car to keep the clutter contained

3 …carry foods and supplies to a potluck

4…fill one up with the accumulated odds and ends from the coffee and end tables before company arrives {hide the basket in your room}

5…as a wedding shower gift you can fill one with ~ a bottle of (unscented) detergent, clothes pins, bathroom cleaning supplies, a plunger, dryer balls, white vinegar, and…..

6…a living room toy box

Kids can:

7…build forts {just add blankets}

8…turn upside down to use as a toddler desk for drawing or building with Lego’s or blocks

9…a small child can crawl into the overturned basket to become a captured wild animal {this one gives their claustrophobic grandma the willies}

10…stand one on its narrow end, place a pillow or folded blanket inside, and use as a TV chair

11…they make great boats and trains—powered by energy efficient grown-up pushers

12…as a makeshift newborn bed at Grandma’s house…use lots of padding and cover the sides

13…they’re even great for carrying clothes to and from the washer and dryer!


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